TNR by sean & ANGIE

About us


Since 2009, we have been in the forefront serving quality chinese cuisine focussing on our flagship dishes... Premium Charsiew & Hakka Mee. We have since evolved and we are serving more than food now. We serve an ambience of familiarity, like the atmosphere of home... your home. Great food, awesome feeling, where you are part of our history. Most of our regulars have become like family to our Founders, Sean & Angie. 


We started in SS2 and have now opened our 1st International Branch in Jakarta and at least another 2 more once we have settled down properly and established a foothold  there. This came about when we have on numerous times been approached to open another branch in Indonesia, focussing in Jakarta. After going through the idea thoroughly, we decided that we wanted to expand and serve our neigbouring countries as we would like to have family there. And this was the catalyst that got our gears moving.


Our flagship dish, the Premium Charsiew or like some of our regulars call it, Super Charsiew melts in your mouth like how M&M does! (Please excuse the comparison...). This explosion of culinary delight was brought about by our secret recipe which was a family heirloom but perfected by Sean himself, matched with the original Hakka Mee from Seremban, where most of the authentic Chinese dishes come from besides Penang & Ipoh.